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October 21st 2023

45 KM

2870 D+

Download the GPX here

The start of this race will be in the morning of the October 21st, at Parque Santa Catarina at 7:30 AM.  

The start and finish will be at Parque de Santa Catarina in the centre of Funchal. The race will take place in a single stage, at a free pace, with precise time barriers.


The Track

Mandatory Equipment

  • Satchel or similar equipment
  • Hydration pack – 1 litre minimum
  • Food reserve
  • Cup 15 cl capacity (minimum)
  • Water resistant jacket
  • Whistle
  • Thermal blanket (min. 200x100 cm)
  • Working mobile, with a valid balance and battery (do not forget to store Emergency/Organization numbers)
  • Race bib
  • Head lamp with batteries or extra battery pack
  • Red blinking light (should be on at night and placed on the competitor’s back)
  • Identification document
During the whole race, the athletes are required to have the mandatory material for each of the races. Control check of mandatory material may occur at any stage of the race. Failure to present the relevant material will result in disqualification or penalty. Depending on the weather forecast during the race, and the demanding conditions of the ground, the following material is also recommended: Hat/Cap/Scarf or similar, Long sleeves/trousers, Warm clothing in the event of forecasted cold weather, Bandage (min. 80x3 cm), Poles, Sun glasses, Vaseline and sunscreen cream.
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