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October 26th 2019

30 KM

The start of this race is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. on the October 26th in the highlands of Santo Antonio.

Starting straight away uphill towards Pico do Prado, the athletes will almost literally break into Levada da Serra, one of the oldest irrigation channels, which is still of great importance today.

Going up and downhill, always through areas where the reforestation carried out by different entities has started to bear fruit, the athletes will come to Pico do Buxo without much physical demand, and from there they will start going downwards  towards the city centre. Ahead they will be faced with descents, the difficulty of which will be soothed by the fantastic views over Funchal.

From Estrela to Praia Formosa, one of the iconic pebble beaches in Funchal, the run continues through paths and alleys that unveil the essence of an almost secluded city. Towards the end, it is a single stroll along the coastal area, passing briefly along Levada dos Piornais, another “levada”, which still has great significance for the agriculture and for the irrigation of the gardens in the outskirts of the city, followed by a triumphant descent to Avenida do Infante to the finish line at Avenida Arriaga.

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