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Commitments toward the Covid-19


Our main ambition is to make our event compatible with the rules designed to fight the virus. Here are the adjustments we are already committed to:

  • Creation of one way circuits to avoid congestion on courses

  • Optimized management of the flows of runners to guarantee social distancing and the application of protective measures

  • Adaptation and limitation of the number of runners according to the race areas and courses

  • Consistent cleaning of courses by teams carrying specific equipment

  • Installation of additional signage to make sure rules are respected and to remind runners of safety precautions

  • Volunteers helping the organization will be provided with specific equipment and protection

  • Application of the measures implemented by local authorities to protect the runners, the spectators, our partners and the members of our organization

We are all involved in this historic battle and we will do our very best to help win it


PORTUGAL' LATEST NEWS (uptade on June 22th)

The situation in Portugal is improving day by day and measures are gradually being reduced! Trips to Madeira Island are now possible and will allow participation in the edition planned for October.

As for international runners: the country is also opening up to its neighbouring countries and the prospects for the next few months are good, which should make it possible to also welcome all runners who would like to discover the island and the race over a few days.

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to write to the organisation which is at your disposal and ready to listen to you:!